Our Vision

Community IT & Business Solutions strives to provide optimum, professional and accessible services to both businesses and members of the community that are based upon up to date technology trends, innovation, leadership and through the development and establishment of business networks within the South Australian Community.

Our Mission

Community IT & Business Solutions focuses on providing technology and training solutions to small businesses and to members of the community.

We like to call ourselves “The Technology and Business Innovators”, because we realise that small businesses and community members need innovative and cost effective solutions to their technology, business, operational and training needs.

Guiding Principles

To support our mission, the Community IT & Business Solutions Team utilises the following set of guiding principles in service delivery, decision‐making, and strategic/tactical plans.

These guiding principles act as a compass to the team in the overall approach for delivering services and “best value” to the business.

  • Customer Focused

    Focus on customer service above all other priorities. Utilise customer feedback to develop strategic direction based in part upon desired new services and feedback on improving existing services.

  • Accessible/Reliable

    Require reliability and accessibility from business information technology systems and services. These values rely upon each other; you cannot jeopardise reliability for accessibility and vice versa.

  • Innovation

    Promote new and improved ways to solve technology problems without sacrificing other guiding principles. Think beyond perceived constraints.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Incorporate metrics to measure performance and verify effectiveness of information technology. Utilise metrics along with customer feedback, direct or through surveys, to identify training and/or resource deficiencies.

  • Value

    Implement new information services that represent value to our customers as compared with other peer businesses. Value requires containing costs while optimising usefulness.

Our Values

  • Participation

    We believe in, promote and advocate inclusiveness, participation and companionship of all members of the community and endeavour to emphasize the importance of inclusivity in wider social networks

  • Diversity

    We strive to maintain a peaceful, tolerant, encouraging and welcoming environment, where we value the diverse cultures and abilities of all members of our community and embrace each individual’s culture, capabilities and individuality.

  • Empowerment

    Community IT & Business Solutions is dedicated to supporting and empowering the Community to develop, grow and apply their knowledge base

  • Equality

    We value and respect all individuals, ensuring all members of the community have equal access to all services and programs. Community IT & Business Solutions will endeavour to remove any structural barriers that inhibit community members from participating in our programs or in accessing our services.

  • Integrity

    We are transparent and honest in all our undertakings at Community IT & Business Solutions.

  • Collaboration

    Community IT & Business Solutions actively encourages, develops, supports and builds joint partnerships with organisations, businesses and the Government within the community and South Australia.

  • Quality

    Community IT & Business Solutions creates effective and quality services and programs to cater for the needs of the community, whilst committing to ongoing Quality Improvement practices.

  • Excellence

    Community IT & Business Solutions is committed to providing the South Australian Community with ongoing high quality services and programs.

  • Sustainability

    Community IT & Business Solutions can be relied upon to provide programs and services and offer long term benefits to the businesses and individuals within Community

  • Accountability

    Community IT & Business Solutions actively demonstrates in all our endeavours, responsibility, transparency and accountability in all facets of our business operations.